Lonely Words

Everything I am trying to do
would have been so much easier
had I been more honest up front.

I wouldn’t have to make excuses
to keep running into you
if I had asked us to run together
that first time
when it was in fact
right on the tip of my tongue.
I had no faith in your response, though,
so instead,
I continue to search for reasons
to be in your orbit.

However, had I told you
about my penile disorder,
you probably would have been uninterested
in letting me circle round you
for very long.

But if you knew about the number and scale
of my bank account
and my willingness to share with the right sort
you might be yourself willing
to explore my unsaid feelings
a little further.

On the other hand
if you knew about the number of ladies
who have been left
hurt, humiliated, and hungry
at the end of a lunch with me
you’d probably dash away.

Either way, the utmost honesty
would have left us with answers
to questions
at least some of us
continue to ask.

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