Twist of Phrase

I’m so hungry I could eat a meal.
I’m so thirsty, water looks good to me.
I’m as tired as a unionized employee
with contract-scheduled breaks throughout her workday
at the end of an extended shift.

I haven’t had a bite to eat
in four hours
I could have danced for no more than three
I haven’t had this much fun in two
and I could nap for one – figuratively.

This song is the best
since the last one I very much enjoyed.
I could listen to it for six repetitions
before getting bored of it.
I love that song so much
I would marry someone who liked it
assuming she was also physically pleasing
and had a certain number of material possessions.

That show was so good
I could lay down right now
and tell people about it
for what would seem an incessant amount of time.

I can literally think of nothing else to say.

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