Sound of the Cycle

Don’t worry too much
about the infant’s screams
even if they echo off the high ceilings
of the church.
The Priest may look at you funny
(which is strange,
since, really, after all,
it’s the child he’s got a problem with)
but though the noise
may be fearsome
and indeed, sound tiresome,
it also has its place
on this day of solemn occasion.

The colicky child
or the hungry one
or just the kid who’s a little cranky
piercing through the eulogy
tells the tale
of the cycle of life
or life after death,
if you prefer.
The howls of youth
combat the silence of sickness
and offers proof
that life flows
even on dire days.

So we missed a few words at the funeral.
So what?
Quiet will claim us all eventually.
Let the baby holler.

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