Save It

Hey, all right.
I thought it was time
I give you one last chance
to go out with me.
This is the final offer;
after this
I’m done.
I’ll quit pursuing you.

It’s just tiring,
all the rejections,
and it’s time to establish
after all,
if you’re in any way down with JDB.
If you’re not,
I’ll know in no uncertain terms
(by estimate,
this will be my eighty eighth attempt),
and I’ll take the chance to move on,
find some other bird to prey on,
and express my considerable charm
in that other direction.

this is it.
My last chance, and yours.
What do you think?
Me? What do you say?
Eighty nine it is. OK.
Can’t blame a guy for trying.
Oh well.
So long.
See you tomorrow
for ninety.

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