Sub Rosa Sub Text

Though you didn’t mean to
when we last spoke
you provided me a reading list
of the many articles I’d need
to understand you.
With those books under my belt
I will have found the means with which
to get us speaking the same language.

I’m not sure
that all the books were in English.
You used a lot of terms
that this bear of little brain
failed to recognize
but I have always been a quick study
except when I was not.

I will read up
on your likes and dislikes,
on the subjects
you expressed such interest in
and become as versed as I can be
in every single chapter.
I shall strive to struggle
to become fluent in you.

How surprised you’ll be
when I return to you
prepared to discuss and agree
with your every opinion!
How wonderful it shall seem
when we are at last on the same page
because I have memorized
every last bit of the text.

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