Davis Hilldale

Look, I get that you’re having a good time
and this is definitely the place for that
and nobody likes a party more than me
except maybe Davis Hilldale
founder of the Party Party
(who once, for a political fundraiser,
hosted the Party Party Party),
but maybe
while I’m reading poetry
you could shut the fuck up?

I mean, sure,
everyone has a right to express themselves,
but this place, it’s got a sound system,
which means someone paid
for the equipment
to allow certain people to speak
or sing or whatever
at a greater volume than the crowd
– who is you.
I’m here talking
because somebody invited me to.
Who invited you?

Sure, there’s no need for you
to feel so constrained
by my performance.
You don’t have to sit here and take it.
You could go to the literally
every other place in the world
where no one is on stage
reading poetry for people who want to hear it.

Check all those places out.
You can talk as loud as you want there.
Tell me how it goes
and if you run into Davis,
tell him he has my vote.

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