Not Tonight, Clearly

I thought I’d see you tonight
but it’s clear now
that all that’s left for us
is correspondence.

I hope you are well.
I’ve heard good things about you lately
but so little from you.
I wish I knew
what was going on with you
and us.

You confound me
clouding my senses
shifting defenses
leaving me tense and suspicious
of the true state of affairs.
We haven’t spoken directly in so long
though surely I’ve tried.

I hoped to get you to understand
what was going on in my heart
and dick
but I didn’t seem to communicate the way I hoped
even when we were close
and clothes were tight
and breath was short.

I hope we have another chance
to be near
and honest
and direct
and, if we’re to be honest and direct,
I’d like another chance
to make sweet sweet sex at you.
Someday soon
even if not tonight.

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