Stanza Four

I’m beginning to suspect
that the poem you liked so much
might not have meant
exactly what you thought it did.
Based on our conversation
I think you assume
that there is some psychosexual element in what I wrote
that really was not intended.

In fact, if you think about it,
it would be kind of impossible
to be read the way you said.
Like, say, in Stanza Four?
I wrote “no shit,”
so it couldn’t really be about anal.

And I want to be clear about this:
despite your opinions
there is no references to white power ideology
in anything that I write.

I’m all for active interpretation
by the reader,
and I know that,
upon publication,
the artist has to give the work up
to the world.
But I have to be clear here
that what you’re saying
for my poem makes no fucking sense.

you can still have my autograph.

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