MacManus Group Memo – One

The question raised by Corporate
is a simple one
and a challenge to our ingenuity:
Can we build a better toothpaste?
We have research
and technology
and the incentive to profitize
this important aspect of most American mornings
and many an evening as well.

But the job with which
we’ve been tasked,
are we up to it?
Can we find ways
to improve on existing brands
increase market share
for our theoretical upstart perfect polish?

Look at the competition
stalwarts all:
My Aim is true
My Crest is blue
Sensodyne exists for the cruelly cut
and Colgate tops the column, but
there may be a way
we can beat them all.

The rewards are huge
if we dig up some dirt
on the existing products
and sway the public trust.

We have to try
to rise above the rest
to pass the tests
to be the best
lest our bonuses wither
and our jobs be lost.

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