Even if it’s Night

A word to the witless:
When the new girl
with the fresh face and inviting eyes
allows you to escort her home,
do it.
Offer to protect her
on the dangerous path
even if the worst thing to come
might be puddles and cold breezes.

And walk slower, for god’s sake.
This might be the last chance
you have to talk to her this week
month, or, god help you,
Limit your pace.
This, right now,
is your only guaranteed chance
to experience her,
to learn her rhythms,
her history.

After this moment
you may never get another.
Carpe the fucking diem
even if it’s night.
Use everything you have in your holster.
Admit that when you first saw her
your heart grew three sizes
and your dick four.

Make her laugh,
if you can.
Make her enjoy herself
and you
and when you’ve postponed reaching her door
for as long as you can
There may be an opportunity
to make the evening longer.

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