Ugly Couplets

I’m an ugly little man
with an ugly little head
filled with ugly little dreams
that I’ve had since I was dead

but upon seeing your legs
in that skirt you barely wear
I’ve been visited by beauty
and I’ve torn out most my hair

trying to come up with ways
I can get you next to me
because I want you, lovely thing,
practically fatally.

Your elbow, throat and ear
are just some of you I’d love
to witness closer up,
whether lower or above.

If you could see a way
and find kindness as a goal,
could you maybe spend a day
with this misbegotten soul?

For as hideous as I am,
I’d appreciate some time
especially since I wasted
on your ass all of these rhymes.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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