Tum Tum Tugger

Oh, dear.
I think my stomach
is trying to tell me something
and that something is “Stop.
Quit. Desist.
The things you’re doing
are doing you harm
– but not as much as I can wreak
if you don’t stop pissing me off.”

My stomach is very effusive
in more ways than one.

I think I’m done vomiting for the evening
which is a good thing
though perhaps not as good
as had I vomited not at all.

I know that my diet has to change.
I am aware that a steady stream of hot sauces, hot sausages
and cold pizzas
will get to me after a while.
I just just hoped “a while”
was still a while away
and that I could while away the time
until then
having cold pizza with hot sausage
and cabbage and beans
every couple of hours.
Biology cares nothing for my hopes.
My stomach, though,
certainly gives a shit.

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