Easy Street

When you’re driving with this really pretty girl
and your car runs out of gas
but for real, though,
actually runs out of gas
and you’re embarrassed about the cliche
but not actually thinking about making a move
because this girl
is practically too hot to talk to
let alone try to make out with
but it turns out she makes the move
and then another
and another
and by the time Triple A arrives
all the moves have been made
and completed
and you’re in a daze
and she finds out she’s three months late
and you ask to marry her
knowing this girl
is way out of your pay grade
but she says yes
because whatever way you hypnotized her
that night in the car
seems to have stuck permanently
and your daughterarrives
and she’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen
– more beautiful than her mother even –
and you swear that you could never be happier
than when you’re holding her,
do not try to name her
after where she was conceived
if it was Ninety Third Street.

It will not go over well,
take my advice.

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