House Party!!!

This is the last
fucking time
I am ever letting Artemis
talk me into any
fucking thing
ever fucking again.
“A party’ll be fun!”
“When your parents leave town
they never check up on you.”
“Come on! Why not?”
Fuck Artemis
and fuck that fucking drama queen
friend of hers.

If April stays secured
up in my bathroom overnight
I am gonna positively scream
– except the neighbors might come over
to check to see what’s wrong.
I want to use my own fucking toilet.
I might have had a bit too much
to drink, and
why is everyone here
in my fucking house?

I want everyone gone
and I want to go to bed
and I want to just die
in my own tub
and I want Artemis to kiss me again
and i want to be straight
and I can’t believe
I’m going to have to mop up everywhere
before my fucking parents get back.

Fuck this.
Fuck April.
Fuck Artemis.
Fuck my life.

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