Ace Munroe, Space Detective

The buxom blonde I’ve been creeping on has disappeared from sight I’ve seen not hide nor hair of her, however hard I try-it.
It’s like she’s disappeared from Earth.
I cannot find that girl.
I suppose it’s time to start the search upon all other worlds.

Hey, Ace Munroe, Space Detective:
discover the love of my life.
An interplanetary man can get me a space wife.

I’ll give you all the background, all the data, pics and such of the sort of lady I would love to love too much.
Then you can use your space detective skills to seek her out. I know you will uncover her; you’ve got tons of space clout.

You’ll find a chick for me to have
to love, to laugh, to live.
You can do it, Ace Munroe
ace space detective.

For my perfect mate, Munroe, I have some requisites.
She must be under four meters and over eighty tits.
If she can speak my language, that would be super neat
but if by chance she loves to dance
she can’t have two left feet.

Ace Munroe, space-girl hunter,
claim bounties of beautiful mares
then deliver them to me direct
for my internal affairs.
If you present an alien girl
I’ll gladly pay your rent
and if she can support the strain
you can have ten percent.

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