Cadaver Canine

Dead dogs
totally freak my shit the fuck out.
Your closest companion
just going to die on you?
That is hard.
That is some fucked up shit.
That is depressing as all the hells
on this earth.

If we are building
boon companions
out of the stuff of nature
– if we are devolving
and rebirthing these beasts
to best suit us –
why are their life spans so short?
I don’t want to go to my friend’s funeral
or be the one
to force it into existence.
My pets should outlive me.

The evil geneticists
need to work on this
and improve animal longevity
so they can be the ones
to bury us.

I swear,
if I have to go
to one more pet cemetery
to cast off cremains
of one more pal
I am going to go
fucking dogshit crazy.

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