To The Spider Whose Web Was Just Wantonly Destroyed

It was an accident
I swear.
I didn’t see it
didn’t notice
had no intention
of desecrating slash demolishing your home
in such a way.

It was early
and I wasn’t paying attention
and I meant you no harm
I swear.
I didn’t want to do anything
to impact on your way of life.

I was just going about my business.
I am normally very careful
about these sort of things.
I don’t want you to be offended
by my wiping away
your place of business
your way of life
your reason for being.

I’m sure you can start again
and build something better, stronger
more efficient.
If you work hard enough
with enough foresight
you might be able to improve your structure
into a global identity.
I can just imagine it:
your worldwide web.

I’m sorry.
I’m making light of what is no doubt
your very serious concern.
I didn’t mean to fuck with your whole existence
I’m so sorry
but please
if you would
consider beginning again
and eat all of the roaches
that won’t leave me alone.

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