Kill Your Darlings

Sometimes you must give up
your best ideas.

On certain days
you have to accept
that it’s not going to work
that the tone isn’t fitting
or the timing isn’t right
or you don’t have the chops
to execute it.
Some days
defeat is the only option.

Some positions
cannot be taken
and some efforts
have to be scrapped.
It happens sometimes
and when it does
you ought to make the best of it.

Maybe you can cannibalize.
Maybe you can sour grape it.
Maybe you sell the idea to some sucker
and make a mint.
Whatever strategy
that lets you best escape the sinking ship
of the failed idea
is worth considering.

I have not yet given up hope
on The Incredible Misadventures of Baby Hitler.
After the success of Boss Baby
it just might be the time for this.

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