No, Thank You

I really should leave.
You and I
are not gonna go
the way you seem to want.
I’m sorry.
is not
working out.

You’re not happy
with my distance
and I’m not happy
with your expectations.
We don’t seek the same things.

Oh, yes,
I like you.
No question.
I really enjoy the conversations
and laugh?
We laugh, like,
all the time!
You’re cool and all
but I don’t want to fuck you
you know?
I don’t want our parts to mesh.
I kinda wish I did.
It would make things
much easier.

I have offered you what I can,
what I want to.
I’ve offered you
what I’m willing to.
I’m sorry if it’s not enough
but it doesn’t matter.
It’s what’s available.
If you’re seeking something more
you should look someplace else.
I’ve given you already what i have
to give you.

I’m gonna go.
Again: sorry.

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