Odds is Stacked

In my efforts to woo,
I have spent some time struggling
to describe you.
I want to be able to explain
why I am so attracted.
Obviously you are striking:
your hair
your face
your eyes
– I hope it’s not so simple
as that you’re wonderfully built –
but it’s not just what nature handed you.

Your fashion, style and temperament
also keep me thinking of you
(the word “you” keeps coming up.
Do I sound single-minded? Certainly).
I love your nerves
how you stutter and jangle
through a conversation.
Your way with words is wacky
and you seemed worried
that you might not be wonderful
which is patently absurd.

I’m astonished and intrigued by everything I do know
and I really want to learn
a whole lot more
if for no other reason
than to better woo you.

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