I don’t know what I expected.
It always goes this way.
I had a really good time.
It started out so comfortable.
We got along great;
you were gorgeous
and I was less hideous than normal.
We seemed to like each other’s tales
which added breeze behind my sails
and so the night we shared became extended.

Everything seemed pretty right
but afterwards
While fondly recalling the events
something went wrong.
I got nervous. I got anxious.
You grew in my esteem
and it became harder to imagine
being able to impress you again.
I’m sure you saw it
in our next interactions
where I was awkward and frightened
and freaky and strange.
I’ve become a stumblebum
simply tripping over tongue
every single time that you come near me.

So clearly
you have no reason to come close to me
since all I’ll do is sweat and splutter
out some ridiculousness or other.
I don’t get how
originally, it was all organic
but after a minute to think
I’ve become an idiot.
You are a knower of things:
what is wrong with me?
Offer me solutions, please
to let my nervousness release
and leave me set to speak with you again.

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