May Showers

May one day,
all your dreams come true,
and when that happens,
let the coming to school naked thing be first,
because I’m always ready to see your honkers
(I promise
I won’t point
unless that’s an important point
in the dream).

May showers wash you
day after night
until you own a deep tub
that allows you to luxuriate
to your heart’s content
(keep in mind my honker comments above,
as they apply here as well).

May flowers be strewn before you
as well as behind you
and may some occasionally flutter daintily to your cleavage
landing in that heavenly crevice
where I can offer to retrieve them
giving me further opportunity
with your honkers.

May honkers
in fact
be involved in every conversation we ever have
and also be constantly at attention
and on display.

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