This Hole

Sometimes the worst of circumstances
yield strangely positive results
like when you realize your job is so shitty
it doesn’t matter what you do
and you start looking for ways
to get fired
and suddenly going in
becomes lot of fun again
– like back when you first started there,
when you were excited
just to wake up?

Or how you’re in prison
and a thousand years just gets tacked unto your sentence
but the health care’s rotten
so you might as well agree
to Ridiculously Dirty Pete’s escape plan
since what have you got to lose anymore anyway?

Basically, any situation where you’re down so low
and everything around is such crap-dirt
that any change at all
could almost certainly
be seen as an improvement.

So check it: today
with all the cataclysms
and the death of compassion
and the earth itself crying out
about the chaos,
I have no reason to leave the house. There is no one left
to care for anymore
so I can
at last
see the end
in peace.

Worse things, huh?

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