Polly + Anna

On the plus side
I’m learning a lot about our legal system
and the metric system
and biological systems (like, say,
the melting point of flesh and
just how much heroin a human body can contain)
as well as how many no-name cornflakes
one can afford
at minimum wage.

I’m learning about pain tolerances
– both emotional and physical –
and innumerable strategies for cat-skinning
I’ve got regular meals now
and a whole lot of new associates
and I don’t have to worry about
the wear and tear on my clothes
because I rarely have to put them on.

On the positive tip
I am discovering how capable I am
under adverse conditions
(not very,
as it turns out)
and I am uncovering new depths
of cowardice
and craven behavior.
It’s pretty educational.

So really,
a lot of good can be found
under the current circumstances.
A substantial number of silver linings.
A great deal
to be thankful for.

On the minus side
this sucks.

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