Dylan’s Chillun’

That power pop band
the New Dylans were the self-proclaimed heirs
to the Dylan name
– in name only –
but others had greater claims.
Sam Dylan’s Supreme Dicks
were far more experimental
and Jakob Dylan’s Wallflowers had a much bigger song.

(By the way,
an early member of the Wallflowers
was named Barrie Maguire
who is no relation to the Barry McGuire
who charted high with Eve of Destruction, one of the first Dylanesque songs at the top of the pops. Wheels within wheels.
{and speaking of wheels,
Stealers’ Wheels went to number one
with a song that tried to out-Dylan Dylan
in delivery, absurdity and nasality.
“Stuck in the Middle With You” was co-written by Gerry Rafferty, who did it again with “Baker Street,”
which has nothing to do with Dylan
but had a really notable sax-line.}
Interesting, no?
Moving on.)

I met a Dylan wannabe
called Sam Camus
who later started aping Oasis,
of all artists.
He looked a lot like the Bringing It All Back Home guy.

And, of course,
all of this from a name
that Zimmerman took
from Dylan Thomas in the first place. Not a bad legacy
for some drunken poet.

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