Incipient Disappointments

She’s not going to be there.
You travel in hope
of seeing her
where you’ve seen her before
but her schedule
is unpredictable
and your hope and desire
offers no insurance of result.
She will not go out tonight.
She has better things to do,
things that don’t involve you
as part of the equation.
She is living an entire separate life
that had naught to do
with you.

It’s good to get out
despite your fears
that this mission
is doomed to failure.
It’s good to try, too,
but it is best to be honest with yourself
and set expectations low
so as to avoid the obvious incipient disappointments
coming down each and every pike.
The wisdom of pessimism
will cocoon you
saving you from surprising misery
at voyage’s end.

When you arrive at your destination
she will be nowhere to be seen.
You will be alone.
Your quest will remain incomplete
you opt
to start a separate quest altogether

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