Confidence Game

What you need is some confidence, you moon-eyes moron.
I don’t know why
this is so especially hard
for you to piece together.
If you can find your way
to believe in your talents and wit,
your personality,
your kind soul,
if you have faith in yourself
maybe somebody else would, too.
Probably, everyone would.

The concept is pretty basic
and you’ve always seemed
like a kind of clever dude,
so for fuck’s sake,
how is this so beyond you?
Why don’t you get it?

Assume that you deserve something,
and maybe it’ll come along.
I mean, it might,
if you act like you deserve it.
It could.
For Christ’s sake, why not try?

It’s so tiresome,
seeing you sell yourself short
listening to your woe-begone state
month after year after fracking decade.
Your stories are redundant
and you have the tools
to change it
at a moment’s notice.
You can fix it right now
if you – dammit.
You’re doing it again.
All right, that’s it.
This is a fucking lost cause.
Good luck.

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