U Hate Me

I don’t know if it’s the drugs
or mid-grade paranoia
or if it’s just my time of the month,
but I’m getting the sense
– my intuition tells me –
that you’re sick of me
or not thinking about me at all
which maybe might be worse.

You seem curt
and you’re ignoring me
turning away when I enter a room.
Are you playing hard to get
or are you playing REALLY hard to get, like
you don’t want me to ever get with you?
I suspect the latter.

I wish you would tell me outright
but then
if you simply don’t know me
could not recognize my face in a lineup
my questions would seem pretty foolish,
I don’t know.

I don’t know what to do.
I wish you liked me
like I’d like you to
but my intuition
tells me otherwise.

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