No More Mister Nasty

That’s it!
I’m through.
No longer will I just allow
these snide and sarcastic comments
to escape my lips.
I am sick to death of the bastard in my body
constantly needling,
getting under everybody’s skin
and leaving me hated and hateful
all over this town.
It’s over.
I’m done.
No more Mister Nasty.

I am not going to take
another minute of my bad behavior.
I’m turning a new corner
and not allowing me
to give any more shit
to anyone.
I’m turning over a new leaf
and abolishing all the old ways.
No more Mister Nasty.
I’m becoming nice.

You heard me.
I’m changing.
I’m improving.
I’m not gonna let anyone take my abuse
for one more day.
It’s over.
I’m through with the foul language,
the crude behavior,
the base assumptions
and racist rhetoric.
I’ve turned a corner
and I’m stopping the crap.

It’s a new year for me
and for everyone else
’cause that bully-boy batshit?
That’s done, you hear me?
Mister Nasty has left the building
and he doesn’t have the key to get back in.
It’s over.
I’m through.
So long, Mister Nasty!

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