When Alone

For most of the afternoon
I hung around my apartment
eating tomatoes
drinking seltzer
and doing the things
one does when alone.
I really don’t want to get into it
but after a while
the walls started to sprout invisible fur
and I had to bug out.

The coffee house did not have
my regular table available for me
even though I explicitly asked
that they keep it reserved for me
at all times.
Stymied, I fled
before having to sit
with people that had not yet
been properly vetted.

I almost stopped at the library
but a discarded ice cream cone
was melting near the stairs
and I couldn’t risk it.
I thought ants were encroaching
so I booked it out of there.

I thought I found some piece of mind
in the park
near the rocks
but the crust punks moved in
singing their stupid anthems
to pleasure and revelation.
That would not stand.
I stormed away.

So I’m home.
There was nowhere else to go,
no borders left to cross.
Everything had been explored
and all opportunities exploited.
I am home
alone, and
without options,
I will again do only the things
one does when alone.

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