(For Daniel
After Cavafy)
When you go to Iceland
plan a quick flight
so you can find more time
to be where you want to be.
Take what you can from the airline,
its special culture,
the unique customs
and duty free goods,
but know that
the quicker you arrive
the more ice you can see.

When you get to Reykjavik
be sure to check out their McDonald’s,
their Arby’s,
the different ways that Domino’s makes a pizza.
Explore. Learn how your Nordic cousins live their lives.
Find what lessons are available
from renewable energy
and universal health care.

When you reach Iceland
appreciate the tiny country you have found
with its glorious vistas
and wondrous lights.
Become one with the natives
even if they refuse to speak
unaccented English.
Treasure the time
in your Iceland
and be sure
when you ask Bjork for a date
to mention her first band
so she knows
that your love is true.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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