Favorite Band

Your favorite band
just asked for your autograph.
They want to know what it is
that you like about them
and they’re really interested
in what you have to say.

They’re considering a new direction
and they’re looking for
the right kind of feedback
from the right kind of fans,
of which you are their best and biggest.
Your favorite band
just asked to buy you a drink.

Your favorite band
is calling you
their favorite person
since they’d be nothing without you,
both in general,
as a representative of their fanbase,
and in specific,
as a perceptive and appreciative listener.
They want to know you
and they want you to like them
as much as they like you
for liking them.

This Is the way
it always goes.
This is how
all artists treat their audience
but none more so
than your favorite band.

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