Yr New Love

Your new love sounds wonderful.
Your new love seems smart.
Obviously, your new love
is handsome and strong
and secure
and will never treat you badly
like your last love did
or the one before that
or any of the others.

Your new love is mature.
Your new love is safe.
Your new love does what no one else can
or ever could
and it’s simply amazing
that you hadn’t seen
all that greatness
lurking in your new love
in all the hours that led up
to you realizing that your new love
was, in point of fact,
your new love.

Your new love is sweet
and good and full
of nothing but potential
and I wish you well
with your new love
and all the opportunities therein.

I look forward
to all the stories you will no doubt have
of your new love
and how it will change the world
and is permanent and perfect
and that if all others
could experience the joy and simplicity
you have found in your new love,
then peace and prosperity
would circle the globe.

I look forward to how
your new love will unfold,
a beacon,
a shining crystal
that we all look upon with hope,
and wonder how long it will be
before we all
must bend to pick up the pieces.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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