Upon Review

Yes, I have heard tell
of the concept of which you speak.
I’m quite familiar
with the reputation
of this thing called self-respect.
I don’t believe I care for it.
Seriously, the idea
of treating yourself
as if you are worthy?
Putting your needs
ahead of those of others?
That doesn’t sound particularly Jesusian
you know?

I understand the principle:
act like you’re deserving
and others will believe
that you’re deserving.
But that requires you
to A) be selfish
(it’s right there in the term
and B) do what’s right
rather than doing
what makes you happy.

Yes, I could
insist on getting the pay
that I deserve
or stop talking to the lover
who treats me wrong
but then I’m jobless
and loveless
and, of course,
none of the waste baskets
end up getting emptied.

If everyone acted
in terms of self-respect
half of what needs getting done
would not.

So I understand the theory.
I appreciate the hypothesis, but
I do not believe
I shall subscribe to this concept.
Self-respect just doesn’t fit in
with my current goals.

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