What Every Body Wants

I want to be understanding
and tolerant
and accept the diversity of the human condition
but frankly
it’s hard to stomach
the behavior you endorse.
I simply cannot accept it.
My understanding
and patience are limited.

Yes, your fetish is legal
and everyone is more accepting
of individual peccadillos these days
but I just can’t get behind it.
Sure, what you like
needn’t be the same
as what everybody else wants
and you have every right to it
but I can’t help
seeing it as shameful.

You cannot like my body,
this horrid misconstructed thing.
It is rotund.
It is abhorrent.
That you might be attracted
to all that I’ve got
is beyond surprising.
It is beyond the pale.
It borders on obscene.

Lusting after this
is wrong.
You must want me despite
my corporeal form,
not because of it.
Anything else is
just disgusting
and until you can see to agree
I am afraid
that you and me can never be.

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