Blue Book

Look, Kelly,
I’m worried about what you’re doing
and the consequences
that may ensue.
Take care of yourself.
You’re much too fast.
You need to find a way
to make the parts you have last
until your next tuneup,
whenever that may be.

You’re falling apart, Kell.
It’s all going wrong
and if you don’t rest,
relax, regenerate,
your hit points may go down to nil
and that’s all she wrote, yo!
Take a break.
Take it easy.
Take five.

Kelly, for real, though:
if you keep leaning on that leg
you may lose it.
I don’t know how much it can stand
– or you, afterwards.
Seriously, what if you die of foot?
What if they have to take it off
and replace it
with some prosthetic
out of Tarantino?

Admittedly, you’d look pretty cool
with a guitar leg.
Just bend it and play
some sort of solo.
That might be worth it,
after all.
All right.
As you were.
In fact,
let’s do some jumping jacks!

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