Overshirt Is Too A Word

When your pants split
– like the crotch seams just
completely disappear –
early on in the afternoon
and you’ve still got a lot of things to do
so you go about your plans
fully aware that the only thing
separating your id
from the world
is the button on your boxers

and you see a girl you really like
– you know,
LIKE like –
and there’s a stiff breeze coming by
just as you hug her
and your anxiety about that moment
is that keeps certain aspects of your interest
from taking control of the moment
so you’ve got to leave her
before things get super awkward

and you head to the park
to chill out
but you can’t lie down
else every one’ll see your underwear
and you can’t sit on the benches
since the kids are playing there
and if they or their parents
see the state of your pants
you might get arrested
and you think about going to the outdoor gymnasium
but that’ll wreck your clothes even further

and you didn’t realize
that your quality of wardrobe
would impact on so many aspects
of your day
and you kind of want to rectify the situation
but even going into a quality clothing store
might get you immediately escorted out
so you consider buying a skirt
or a gigantic overshirt
or a needle and thread
or some bull clips
and then you realize that now your whole day is about pants
so you might as well just go home
and so you do?

My day’s been a little bit
like that
metaphorically speaking.

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