The Elvis in Question

Ali, were you
at the same Elvis Costello show
the other day that I was?
I thought, in the middle of the night,
I spied you jetting past
but you were so fast
and I was so intent
on that Left Banke reference
during that story of that song.

I didn’t know you liked Elvis.
I mean this Elvis,
not that Elvis.
You know: the Elvis in question.
I think you’d have mentioned
liking my favorite artist
at some point.

The girl who might have been you,
she was dressed to impress
and I was indeed impressed
that she was there
with me
in, at least,
a very technical sense of the phrase.

Anyway, was it you
at the show,
back in my flipped city?
I couldn’t be sure.
My aim may be true
but my eyesight ain’t exactly
what it used to be.

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