The Pride Parade is something,
celebrating the diversity of love
and the treasure of finding pleasure
with whatever body
in whatever body you might choose to have.
It’s great.
It’s all great, but
does strolling around the city
on legally proscribed streets
really represent
what should be honored?

The joy
the exultation
the pure vibrancy of the day
should be truly acknowledged
in its most natural way:
Public displays of affection.
Let there be sex.
Let there be fucking in the streets.
Let there be a resplendence of bodies
on top of or beside other bodies.
Let there be an orgy of organisms orgasming into each other’s organs at once.

It’s the only way
to show what this day means.
Let he’s be with he’s, with she’s, with thems, with its.
Let there be getting it on
and off
and everywhere it can be.
If love trumps hate,
then let love trump everything.
Let there be love.
Let love rule.
Let me do you
whoever you are
in honor of this day.
It’s the very least we could do
or the least you let me do.

Be proud
and be naked
with me

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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