Whatever storms may come,
however great the distance
the danger and the damage,
I will get there,
wherever “there” may be.
I will find you.

I am no Odysseus
and my trek not near as extensive,
expansive or artistically expressed,
but I swear
I will end this evening with you
and no train delay
or overnight stoppage
or frog attacks
will keep me from this goal.

Challenges? Feh.
Crises? Whatever.
I am focused.
I am weathered.
I am prepared for all eventualities
and willing to suffer whatever consequences come.
I am on course
and heading to you
even if I don’t know
exactly where or how.

I just know it will happen.
It has to.
Being near you
is that important.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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