The Calculus of Delight

I’ve been thinking about it
making estimates, guesstimates
and general assumptions.
I think I know
based on prior examples
where she’ll be tonight
and I’ve got a good idea
what sort of mood she’ll be in.

Still, I won’t know the results
until I catalyze the procedure.
If she smiles
upon my arrival
it means it’ll be a good day
and probably a good week.
If she doesn’t notice my presence,
I’ll likely spend many subsequent hours
under blankets.

I’ve done the math:
the odds are against me
(they usually are)
but I must test out these hypotheses
to know for sure.

I’ll have practiced these calculations
enough to understand
the results before I start.
Then I’ll be able to know
as science
the probability of joy
versus the likelihood of despair.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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