Drying Out

I have my reasons
for not dogging your doorstep
these last few weeks.
I have been quite busy
what with the voyage to Vermont
and the days of vertigo
and a very special Different Strokes episode
finally available on laserdisc.
There have been many activities
keeping me from you.

But that hasn’t been
the whole of it.

In truth,
I’ve been trying to cleanse myself,
to purge the venom
that has kept coursing through
for the balance of the month.
I am trying to find my way
without you.

It hasn’t been easy.
The path is not quite visible
even with the time and effort
invested in the search.
I have been lost
as much as not
in your absence,
but slowly
it has grown easier.

I am mapping my trip,
finding inlets allowing access
to that which I wish.

I am finding my way
to liberty
to another country
to a life free of toxicity.
I am close
to ending my addiction
to your existence
and thought I should come by again
to see you
and let you know
how I’m over you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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