You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Meme

The graffiti on the bathroom wall read
“Please fuck me…”
and followed with “2017,”
so you knew it was current.
You knew it was real.

But I didn’t know
if I could really follow through.
How can you fuck a message?
How do you hold it
cuddle it
or debase it with humiliating acts
if that’s your thing?
How does one ascertain
what the graffiti prefers
in the way of sexual activity?
What’s a blowjob for a note?
Saying it orally?

Even if the message
was somebody’s truth
I had no way to enact that truth.
It was just too much to figure out
even if I could get my hands
on the two dimensional letters
in the first place.
I finished pissing
and got the fuck out of there.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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