Light For Who You Are

The Tits came by with my beer
and leaned over
nice and low
and placed it on the table.
I thanked her
with a good long look
and went back to my conversation
with Gnarled Teeth.

Gnarled Teeth seemed really friendly
but I could tell
that her blowjobs would be troublesome
so I excused myself
and cased the place
for another possible friend for the evening.
There was Fatty
and Fatty’s Anorexic Friend
and Desperately Slutty
all on the stools.

There was Cheap Mouth
and Skin Tight
and Fishnets and Whore.
There was Queer Femme and Queer Butch
and Anal And More.
Possibly Gay was chatting with Male Homo
and a panoply of others
that don’t deserve a mention.

I recognized Dumb Bitch
from another night
and Hottie With An Angry Boyfriend
from some earlier misadventure
or two.

The place was hopping tonight
but I could tell
that no one here
would be worth the trouble.
Why can’t any of them see me
for what I am
past the weight and the bald
and the glasses and the gray
and maybe love me
just a little?

I could just tell
that all these chicks
are just so damned superficial.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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