The Good Times Orchestra

The Summer’s about to end
and the new school year is gonna be
just another crapfuck of a Fall
– maybe the last school Fall
if aid doesn’t come
or I discover some heretofore unknown distant relative
with a shit ton of disbursable income
heading my way.
The future’s one bad minute from a suicide pact,
I’d bet,
but that’s not the mood tonight.
That’s not what I feel.

Tonight’s one moment closer to fine.
Tonight is great.
Tonight at Centennial Square
for the Season’s End Festival and Dance
The Good Times Orchestra
kept bringing in audience members
up to the stage, and
eventually, I was up there
watching the audience.

When I saw the people’s faces
the people I had just been among
but was then above,
I had a perfect moment
of being both in the moment
and aware of it,
and how I would have this instant in me
and only then
did I realize that Ginny Linsky
was right next to me
and we’d been inadvertently dancing together
for minutes.

Her hair hit me,
like, three times
while in motion.

She won’t know it ever happened
and the band couldn’t realize what it meant
and the crowd will never imagine my epiphany.
Tomorrow puts me back
at the batting cage
bending for balls
and hoping i get enough saved for homecoming
if I can even find anyone to go with.
I don’t know
what comes next
and I doubt that it’s good
but that can’t bring me down.
Ginny and me…
the songs….
the crowd…

Tonight is great.
Tonight was fine.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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