Former Technology Being What It Was…

Nobody uses the Google anymore
or even text-based keyboards
since thought-driven tech
got so cheap.
There’s a Museum of Wires
for all the things that we used to plug
into other things.
Nobody goes.

All the Starbucks are closing down.
The caffeine and sugar
doesn’t seem to agree with people much
in this modern day and age.

It’s almost impossible to get your hands
on a gas-propulsion vehicle these days
– everything is self-perpetuation drives
and instant transportation.
No one luxuriates in ground traffic
like way back then.

Whatever happened to the good old days
of fossil fuels
and planned obsolescence
and stagflation
and corporate malfeasance?
There was a sense of effort back then
a belief that
you had to earn your keep.

I wish I could be back then
and once I complete building
that do-it-at-home time travel kit
patent pending
I’ll be able to.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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