Powerful Relief

I have been waiting
for you to come back to me
for so long now.
I cannot imagine
why you would want to
but then again, I cannot imagine
what possessed me
to send you away in the first place.
I am a stupid person,
is what I am saying,
who lacks the creativity
to understand even the things he himself does
so I pray
that among the trillions of things
I cannot comprehend
one them is your forgiveness.

It should be obvious
that I am sorry
for your inadvertent exile
but in your absence
I can take nothing for granted
so I proffer every apology
you could come up with.
I miss you horribly
and need you back in my life.
You are the thing
that made me happiest
and I was a fool
to realize that so late.
If there is a way
you can return to me,
I prostrate, I beg,
I humbly ask
for you to do so

You were the best
but I was proud
and I was dumb
and I didn’t know how much I loved you
and if there is a way
for you, little blue blanket,
to come back into my world
to comfort me in the night
and never leave my side
I will be ecstatic.
I will be euphoric.
I will believe in everything again.
I don’t understand what possessed me
to remove you.
Come back.
I have been waiting
for so very long.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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