I guess I never realized
just how beautiful you are.
When it began to dawn on me,
I grew horrified
about how I had behaved.
Please believe me
had I understood
how objectively gorgeous
everybody knew you to be
I’d never have pursued.
I would have certainly left you
well enough alone.

I am not the sort
to follow trends
and seeing exactly how trendy
you proved to be,
I realize my interests were ill-placed.
I can’t believe it myself.
I’m sorry,
so sorry
to have taken up
so much of your time
with my attention.

I didn’t understand
what was going on
or the sort of person you were.
I am normally aware
of my place in the pecking order
and I wish
I had never been so occupied
by one
that was so vitally different.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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