U2 – Please

She told me
under no circumstances
should I touch her head
so of course
all I could think about
was touching her head.

She’d been quite clear in her instructions
and was at the moment
acting in a particularly generous way
and all that was required of me
was nothing.
I could leave well enough alone,
not rock the boat,
simply try to keep calm
and carry on, but
like George Washington’s white horse
I could not shake
that one image from my head
and my hand, encroaching
sought to undo
her single commandment.

She didn’t tell me why;
perhaps what she gave so willingly
she didn’t want to be forced to do.
Something about consent?
I dunno.

If I had control
I could keep the peace.
If I did what I was told
this might be the beginning
of a beautiful relationship.
So little was expected of me
but I was very worried
what was expected of me
was too much.

She asked me not to touch her head.
I really wanted to.
I wonder
whatever happened to that girl.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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