U2 – Elevation

I could tell it was awkward
for him.
He didn’t want to have
this conversation with me.
He wasn’t sure what to think
or whom to believe
so he didn’t even ask
for my side of the story.

He simply told me
that she’d been uncomfortable
with my remarks
and the way I had looked at her
and how frequently I had found myself
within her vicinity.
He didn’t say that she’d reported me.
That much was obvious.

He simply stated the facts
and ducked out
before I could respond.
He’d made it clear
his opinion in the matter
didn’t matter
just that she was displeased
with my behavior
and something had to change.

I was left to my own devices
as to how to do things differently
so from then on
I made sure to hide my stares and leers
so that she wouldn’t notice
and be so uncomfortable.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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